Like any fundraising challenge, there are costs involved with the planning of an event and this challenge is no different. Ideally Nick is looking to cover these costs through building business partnerships, which would then protect donations made by the public and he is keen for these relationships to last long after the challenge is completed.

Instead of simply looking for financial investment from you and offering the usual marketing exposure in return, such as; including your logo on the website, the bikes 4ft flag, t-shirts and on daily social media posts, with interactive vlogs and an end of day live interview with Nick (although this is a lot and shall provide a tonne of exposure), he also wishes to offer the following;

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Choose any one of these options, in addition to the marketing offerings mentioned.

Price – £500

  • A 60min Consultation on workplace wellbeing, strategies, employee engagement etc
  • A 1hr talk from Nick on; His journey following burnout, Living with a mental illness, Overcoming adversity, Living with and managing chronic pain OR something bespoke.
  • The provision of a half day, virtual Mental Health Awareness; workshop/webinar/training.


Choose any one of these options, in addition to the marketing offerings mentioned.

Price – £1000

  • Providing the one day, Mind Health Ambassador course (Virtually or at your workplace).
  • Assisting you in the setting up, training and implementation of your own in-house peer support group, with a 12month virtual support agreement from Talk Mental Health.


Be one of only four companies to be included in our mini documentary, in addition to the marketing offerings.

Price – £1000

  • A Videographer will be accompanying Nick for the entirety of the challenge, capturing every muscle tearing, pain searing mile, including end of day interviews with Nick, to create a 30minute mini documentary titled; “Fighting My Way Back”. Only four businesses will be featured within this documentary, with special thanks being made to them from Nick himself, so get yourself noticed.

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