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How Can You Donate?

The simplest way to make a donation, is through the page of; Talk Mental Health and #385challenge founder and Army veteran, Nick Wilson, who will be undertaking a gruelling 385mile cycle ride as his challenge! Anyone can simply ‘donate’ though, we wanted to make it more engaging, fun and personal for everyone, enabling you to directly impact Nick’s mindset and keep him going through the dark painful days, that he will absolutely experience!

So, when you click the “Please Donate” button below, it will take you to Nick’s page where you scroll down until you see the Spotify “385challenge Playlist” we have created, click “Donate”, pay your chosen amount and then search for your favourite, most uplifting and motivational song, it will automatically be added to the playlist. Nick has promised he will then listen to this playlist, regardless of the songs, as he peddles for up to TEN hours each day. Don’t forget to add a little note saying; Why it’s your favourite? What it means to you? and Why you find it so motivational and uplifting?


Thanks To Our Sponsors

Want To Get More Involved?

Would you like to get more involved and help us to raise the £10k we need? Are you passionate about promoting Men’s Health? Are you up for a challenge? Do you have your own Charity you would like to fundraise for?

Then get together with some friends, work colleagues or family and have a go at doing do something different, with the only stipulation being you complete 385 of any physical exercise such as; 385mins of exercise, 385pull-ups, press-ups, sit-ups, swim 385lengths, cycle 385miles or lose 385oz of weight!!?? Whatever you do, ensure you share it with us on social media using the hashtag – #385challenge and oh yeah, PLEASE ensure it is safe, healthy and legal to do so! 😉

Simply click the “Get Fundraising Here” button below, where it will take you to the GivePenny platform and the charity page of Talk Mental Health, where you click “Join”, personalise the page template which is already built for you, then get sharing with all your friends, family and connections. We do have good old fashioned sponsorship forms if you would rather.


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